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Maiman Handheld 20W Fiber Laser Coding Printer Machine, 110V/60Hz, FDA, for Bulky Objects Serial Number Writing

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Brand: Maiman


  • Good for metal and most plastic (ABS, PVC, NPT, etc.) materials.
  • Mount on a pole to integrate with flow line, 0 footprint required.
  • Good for bulky workpiece marking when screwed focal point fixture.
  • Pen drive with software pattern setting provided, laser controllable by different computer.
  • Send by DHL door to door express, no maintenance required at all, long life time.

Publisher: Yongmao

Details: About Price:
The laser send from China, the offer is CIF USA price only,the custom duty and VAT would be less than 4% of the CIF price here on, DHL will help to do custom clearance.
Maiman also offer cheap configuration laser, please drop message to inquire.
Maiman handheld fiber laser coding printer machine LMT2000T designed to be a handheld industry entry level solution, the laser machine configured with 20W Raycus fiber laser source and original EZcad software, the expected laser source life time is 100,000 hours, no maintenance required at all. The laser is good for metal and most plastic laser marking.

Compare with other types of lasers, this laser offers a handheld marking head which could be extended 2 meters away from power enclosure, the laser could be used in 2 scenario: either to integrate with flow line or for bulky substrate laser marking.
The laser configurable field lens is 110*110mm, this is good enough for most scenarioes, customized lens configuration could be discussed by leaving a message.

The EZcad original software CD would be shipped together with the laser, for easier further maintenace purpose, a pen drive with tested software pattern and laser manuals soft copy will also be send, the software in the pen drive copy and use, customers don't have to configure anything for hardware at all.

Laser Type: Raycus fiber laser source

Laser power: 20W

Laser Wavelength: 1064mm

Max Marking Speed: 7,000mm/s

Graphic Format Supported: PLT,BMP,JPG,PNG,TIP,PCX,TGA,ICO,DXF

Laser Beam Stability(8h): < ±1%RPM

Pulse Repeat Frequency: 20-60KHZ

Default Scan Area: 110*110mm

UPC: 713072518587

EAN: 0713072518587